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Länsförsäkringar Västernorrland implements AI for vehicle damages

Software company Autonet has developed an AI solution that creates more efficient claims handling processes for insurance companies in vehicle-related incidents. Customers affected by damage can document their vehicle damages through an app for direct guidance to the appropriate workshop for further service. This provides benefits such as increased customer satisfaction and reduced environmental impact through fewer unnecessary trips to the workshop.

Stockholm-based Autonet has been developing software solutions for the automotive industry since 2016, being early adopters of AI in their development. Today, the company has a leading database for cars and spare parts, which also forms the basis for their AI engine that, through image recognition, can make decisions in claims cases. The AI solution is currently used in a photo inspection application provided by insurance companies to their affected customers.

"With our app, insurance company customers can easily photograph their vehicle damages and upload them directly. Through image recognition, our AI engine then estimates the extent of the damage, calculates the repair cost, and allocates the case to the nearest workshop best suited for further service. It takes barely 15 seconds from the reported case until the customer knows which workshop will assist them further, and the workshop usually contacts the customer on the same day to schedule service. All of this happens without the customer needing to go anywhere for a physical inspection," comments Torsten Östervall, CEO of Autonet, and continues:

"We've been doing this since 2020, and thanks to our AI engine's generative properties, it has continuously evolved and improved since then. As more cases are uploaded, the engine learns to become even better at damage identification, damage localization, decision logic, and cost estimation. The insurance industry is quite sluggish, but many are curious about AI, and our solution is definitely an example of how processes can be automated and lead times shortened."

Insurance company Länsförsäkringar Västernorrland, part of the Länsförsäkringsgruppen, was an early participant in Autonet's AI initiative and now testifies to the positive effects of the service.

"Autonet has created a simpler and smoother experience for our customers affected by damage through their app. In the northern parts of Sweden, distances are often long, but our customers receive assistance with their case without having to first drive several miles to show a dent on their car. They now save that time, not to mention the environmental savings we also achieve through reduced carbon dioxide emissions. We get a much happier customer, it becomes easier for both the workshop and the customer, and ultimately, it also becomes easier for us in terms of reduced administration," comments Lennart Törnkvist, claims manager at Länsförsäkringar Västernorrland.


Torsten Östervall