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Be one step ahead

Detect damages to your vehicles at an early stage.

Review your fleet and
lower the numbers

By using Autonet, every car in your fleet can be documented regularly. Any damages to the vehicles can be detected at an early stage, lowering repair costs and the number of insurance cases.

The Autonet Review module cuts down administration costs and enables better predictability in matters of insurance and the processes of selling cars. Pictures can be accessed in the administration view where new and pre-existing damages to the vehicles are documented.

Step 1


User documents car through the app after usage.

Step 2


Autonet evaluates damages, provides an estimated repair cost, and route to the workshop.

Step 3


Fleet administrators can register insurance claims and schedule repairs.

Benefits for you

Lower repair costs.
Fewer insurance cases.
Keep track of old and new damages.
Better predictability and less administration.