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Easier claims handling powered by AI

Through AI Repair Routing, users save both time and money, while also lowering their climate impact. Talk about win-win-win.

From claim to workshop in minutes using AI Repair Routing 

Autonet’s AI Repair Routing enables smarter decisions in claims handling. Once the customer detects damage to the vehicle, our lightweight web app can launch immediately through QR-code or a link provided by the carrier.

Through effortless photo documentation of the damage, the customer registers a claim. Using machine learning and extensive car data, AI Triage then estimates the damage based on the pictures and the location of the damage on the car.

Based on the repair type decision, integrations with repair specialists ensure routing the claim to the correct type of shop to expedite processing and minimize costs.

AI Triage saves time and money for all parties concerned and removes the frustrations common in the usual claims process. The customer gets back on the road faster, the insurance company gets rid of administrative tasks, and the repair party only receives relevant claims.

The solution is a white label application, meaning that the app can get branded according to your business and graphical identity. 

Step 1


The Autonet application launches through SMS-link, QR-code, or website. The policyholder takes photos of the damage and uploads them to Autonet.

Step 2


Autonet collects extensive car data. Through image recognition and AI, Autonet estimates the damage and who is best suited to handle the case.

Step 3


Autonet automatically sends cases to the correct repair partners through extensive integrations. The workshop accepts the claim request, and schedule the repair together with the customer.

Key features

Estimates the damage and repair in minutes.
Allocates the claim to the nearest and best work shop.
Easy-to-use application, requires no download.

Benefits for you

Increased customer satisfaction.
Saving 5% of claim cost.
50% reduced lead time.