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Welcome aboard, Rebecca!

Meet Rebecca Remling, our newest team member. Balancing her studies at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, Rebecca works on our back-office and support. Welcome aboard, Rebecca!

Can you share a bit about yourself?

– I'm 25 years old, based in Stockholm with my boyfriend. I enjoy hitting the gym, hanging out with friends, and playing games in my free time!

What's your role at Autonet?

– I joined in October and have been involved in various tasks. Mainly, I handle things related to our back-office, covering everything from customer service to testing new features. Right now, I'm part of a project to enhance our machine learning model, specifically involved in image tagging.

What were you up to before this?

 – The last four years, I've been studying Technical Physics at KTH, and I'm currently on a study break.

Why Autonet?

– The job seemed exciting, and Autonet appeared to be a fantastic workplace! Being part of a smaller company also means it's easier to get involved and make an impact. Plus, it felt like a great chance to gain real-world insights and figure out what I can do when I graduate.

Rebecca Remling