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Streamlining claims handling with AI


Born out of an initiative by German railroad workers in the late 1800s, the insurance company DEVK has been safeguarding people's lives against the risks of everyday life for over 135 years. Today, DEVK is a contemporary insurance company with close to four million customers nationwide, offering insurance coverage for both private individuals and businesses.


DEVK's commitment to providing comprehensive insurance and protection services arises from their dedication to their customers. However, DEVK faced a challenge that many in their industry struggle with - the need for swifter and more accurate claims handling, while also ensuring customer satisfaction and providing updates about the claim's status.

”We were often confronted with the question: Do you already use image recognition? And we regularly had to say no to this question, because we lacked the idea of a good process”, describes Manuel Maas, Claims Manager at DEVK.

Enter Autonet’s solution, which simplifies complex claims processes through AI-powered image recognition. Collaborating with Autonet opened doors for DEVK to overcome their challenges and pave a path towards more streamlined claims handling.

”By working with Autonet we were able to develop a good common initial process. Autonet implemented all our requests quickly and easily. At the same time, we received good advice on this new AI technology” says Maas.


DEVK's dedication to its customers and Autonet's technological solution has led to a much smoother claims handling process.

"The technology and the design are very well received by our customers. It is a very user-friendly solution that integrates into our existing workflows, saving us time and enhances the customer experience", says Maas.

Reflecting on the collaboration with Autonet, Maas emphasizes innovation, quick implementations, and professionalism.

"Autonet is a reliable, friendly, and motivated partner. We at DEVK can highly recommend a collaboration," adds Maas.

A strategic partnership and technological integration can significantly impact a company's operations and customer experience. With Autonet as a trusted technological partner, DEVK is on their journey towards celebrating another successful century - empowered by smart solutions that simplify their customers' everyday lives!