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evoli aims to challenge traditional insurance companies by creating fairly priced, easily understandable, and user-friendly insurance policies. The driving force behind evoli is a commitment to constant improvement and change—where the name evoli is rooted in the next evolution of insurance: evolution insurances.


The first insurance from evoli was launched in 2020, and today, the company offers car insurance, home insurance, and product insurance. The largest segment is car insurance, where Autonet's service fits well to improve the evoli customer's experience of the claims process.

"Just like Autonet, we are a smaller, fast-growing company with a service we truly believe in, one that can revolutionize an otherwise quite traditional industry. In fact, we were one of the first customers to go live with the system, and since then, the collaboration with Autonet has been excellent. Together, we have experimented with sending reminders to customers at different frequencies and played with the distance between a customer's location and the nearest workshop. We test and develop with the goal of making the process as simple as possible for the customer—and Autonet is extremely responsive," says Linda Arén, Claims Manager at evoli.

Directing customers to the most suitable workshop

What is the process when damage occurs?

"When a customer has been involved in a minor collision or has incurred parking damage, they either call us or make a digital claim with us. Once we receive it, we send a confirmation to the customer and include a link to Autonet and their application. Customers then take pictures of their damage themselves and are directed to the workshop they should visit. After that, it's the workshop that quickly contacts the customer and schedules an appointment. Many customers appreciate the help in knowing which workshop to go to, especially in metropolitan areas where there are often several options to choose from, and it can be reassuring to be directed to the nearest and most suitable one", says Arén. 

What benefits do you experience with Autonet?

"Workshop management is highly appreciated, as well as the data we receive about the workshops from Autonet. For example, we can see the average cost per workshop, the average processing time, or if they have used the correct part for the repair. Over time, it is possible to identify if any workshop stands out cost-wise in a negative way. These features allow us to act quickly and redirect or prioritize such a workshop or ensure they are not assigned more cases. We want the customer not only to go to the nearest workshop but also to the most suitable one with excellent service," says Arén.

Estimating repair costs with AI

evoli also works with Autonet's damage estimation tool; can you tell us more about how it works?

"For us, it has become an essential internal tool, as in claims management, we want to pinpoint the estimated cost as closely as possible all the time. Sometimes there may be damage worth repairing, but it often happens that a car is so damaged that it would cost close to 100,000 Swedish kronor to repair, but the car may only be worth 70,000. Then it's better to total the car and provide the customer with a cash solution", says Arén and continues: 

"When we receive claims, we need to allocate money for what we think it will cost to fix, and Autonet's function helps us estimate repair costs. It really helps to know how much money we should budget for: is it 20,000, 40,000, or 80,000? Our finance department tracks claims results, so it is important that we get as close as possible. If we set too high reserves, it may look like we are doing very poorly, and we may reach a point where we feel we need to adjust prices upwards. But setting the estimate too low is also misleading. Getting as close to the outcome as possible is, therefore, the best, and Autonet's service helps us become more accurate!

An user-friendly app 

How do your customers perceive the app?

"We have only heard positive things about the application from customers. Knowing where to go with the car through workshop management saves their time and avoids unnecessary trips back and forth. As soon as they receive the link from us and complete the photo process, they also essentially know which workshop to go to immediately, making them feel that the case is progressing, and help is close. Many also find it comforting to do something concrete by driving a task themselves, like taking photos and describing the damage. The app also has a clear flow, and the process is very self-explanatory, making it simple and user-friendly!", concludes Linda Arén.